Friday, July 13, 2012

Home-Make Pocket Chart

I'm about as frugal as them come. From home-made materials to dollar spot purchases, I'd like to believe that I won't spend all my money of my classroom. Mind you, I am just beginning out and sometime I'll likely just give in. Right now, I have the time to try to wind crafts out.

My lastest desire was to make my own pocket chart. While laminating the number cards from the last post and a few other things, I threw in another sheet of 24x12 construction paper in to try it out. With some extra laminating scraps, thread laying around, and a needle, I  figured my course of action. I laid out my paper and taped the strips onto it as straight as possible. Since I lack a sewing machine, I just used a needle and thread and sewed it on.

I could have made the strips smaller, but this was a trial attempt. Plus, it ended up fitting well with my cricut apples! Here it is next to the $1 pocket chart at Target. Is it worth it with the time? Maybe not, but maybe the next one will be larger and then it will definitely be worth it over a $10 or $20 versus just my time.

I'm thinking of relaminating to make it stronger. Though it's strong enough to hold paper, maybe not having little hands playing with it.  I'll share if I do!

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  1. This is a great idea. I love how yours turned out.